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(Enjoy & Experience Zoi Tv for 30 Days with 10 GB Storage Limit. No credit card required.)

  • Ideal for individuals or businesses with limited amounts of video content.
  • Publish all of your videos on our public OTT Platform.
  • Accept VOD rental and accept donations to monetize your videos.
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  • Designed for individuals or businesses with an extensive library of video content.
  • Custom branded OTT website and White Label app (available on Apple iTunes and Google Play Store) to stream your videos similar to Netflix© and DisneyPlus©.
  • Organize your content into seasons.
  • Accept VOD rental and donations
  • Create subscription plans to monetize your videos.
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Current Features are Always Included in Both Platforms:

  • Up to 4k encoding

  • Payment integration using your PayPal or Stripe Account

  • Keep 100% of your earnings, minus applicable PayPal or Stripe payment processing fees

  • Unique URL to share and embed your video across the web

  • Usage & Viewer analytics

  • Custom Banners

  • Live Streaming


SmartEdge storage to securely store and encode all of your video files.
$0.30 Per GB/ Per Month


Global Network Delivery - Unlimited Bandwidth for your videos.
$0.40 Per GB/ Per Month

Live Streaming

High Scale Live Streaming - Create richer customer experiences with Zoi Live Streaming.
$0.42 Per GB/ Per Minute, ($25 Per Hour)

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Bandwidth Calculator

Estimate based on the size of your video library.

Average video length

Plays per month

Calculator Details

This bandwidth calculator estimates every second of video streamed weighs 0.5 MB. In reality, the number of bytes streamed changes continuously and depends on factors such as; the device, screen size, and the available network quality.  

Each month the credit card you have on file with ZoiVideo will be charged based on the amount of storage and bandwidth consumed.  Our costs are based on a wholesale pricing model and will beat any industry standard that charges high commissions and hidden fees.  If you have any questions, please contact us.