One simple pricing plan designed for any budget.
Scale from a few gigabytes to hundreds of petabytes per month.

Zoi Video comes with simple pricing, we only charge for video storage.

Video Storage

¢ 0.30

Per GB / Per Month

Use our video storage calculator below to get an approximate costing.

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Pay only for Video Storage, Your Bandwidth cost is on us

Zoi Tv30 Days Free Trial

¢ 0.30

Per GB/ Month
  • Ideal for individuals or businesses with limited amounts of video content.
  • Unlimited Free Bandwidth.
  • Publish all of your videos on our public OTT Platform.
  • Accept VOD rental and donations.
  • No Revenue Sharing.
  • Accept Rental Payments in Crypto.
  • Accept Rental Payments direct to bank account using Stripe or Paypal.
  •  24/7 Customer Support
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ZoiStreamOne time set-up fee $199

¢ 0.30

Per GB/ Month
  • Designed for individuals or businesses with an extensive library of video content.
  • Unlimited Free Bandwidth.
  • Custom branded OTT website and White Label app.
  • Accept VOD rental and donations
  • No Revenue Sharing.
  • Create subscription plans to monetize your videos.
  • Accept payments in Crypto
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Estimate Your Monthly Bill & Savings

Calculate your monthly usage by entering your video storage and bandwidth usage. Please note we only charge for Video Storage, Bandwidth is FREE and are your 100% savings. ZoiVideo covers and pays for all your Bandwidth cost.

Video Storge Calculator

Select your Video Storage

Storage Price ¢ 0.30 Per GB/ Per Month


Bandwidth Calculator

Average Video Length

Video Plays per month

Current Features are Always Included in Both Platforms:

  • Unlimited Free Bandwidth, stream seamlessly without hassles.

  • Up to 4k encoding

  • Payment integration using your PayPal or Stripe Account

  • Keep 100% of your earnings, minus applicable PayPal or Stripe payment processing fees

  • Unique URL to share and embed your video across the web

  • Usage & Viewer analytics

  • Custom Banners

  • Live Streaming

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