Frequently Asked Questions is a revolutionary video streaming platform designed and developed in the United States created for anyone who has videos to share with the world!  In addition to that With, you can establish VOD rental or subscription plans and share or embed your videos.

What is a White Label App?

A White Label App means we will brand and build your ZoiVideo OTT Platform using your logo and colors, and will publish them on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Marketplace. However, the approximate timeline to do this is around 1 month, once you signup with us for ZoiVideo we will contact you for further details.

There are other products in market, why should I go with ZoiVideo?

100% Ownership: There is no affordable video streaming platform on the market that allows users to publish their videos while maintaining 100% content rights.

Excellent Monetization Opportunity: ZoiVideo gives you the power to monetize your videos from day one because you control VOD rental fees and subscription plans.  ZoiVideo does not charge high percentage fees; our wholesale pricing is based on actual storage and bandwidth usage, not on inflated packages with hidden restrictions.

How is pricing calculated?

ZoiVideo features a simple wholesale pricing method for monthly video storage.  There are no restrictions on file size, and we do not charge for encoding/transcoding.  ZoiVideo does not take a commission on your video rentals or subscriptions.  Depending upon your Branded Channel requirements there may be a minimal one-time setup fee; afterward, you only pay for what you store.

Straightforward Pricing:

Pay only for video Storage please click here for current pricing.

Is it available in my country?

Yes, we welcome anyone to experience the revolutionary difference of ZoiVideo.  There are no geographic restrictions.

Do you share my information?

No, ZoiVideo does not share or sell your data to any third parties.  If you cancel your account with ZoiVideo all your data is immediately removed from our servers.

How do I get paid when someone rents my videos?

You will need a PayPal or Stripe account to set up your payment gateway with ZoiVideo.  Each time a user purchases a VOD or subscription plan, your Paypal or Stripe account will be directly credited. Transaction fees may apply as per your account agreement with Paypal or Stripe.

We also support Crypto Payments, you can rent your videos using the Crypto option and get paid instantly to your wallet.

How do I start using ZoiVideo?

Decide which platform is best for you.  Create an account with ZoiVideo using a valid credit card to process the one-time setup fee.  Then start uploading, publishing, sharing, and renting videos immediately to monetize your content!  Your credit card on file with ZoiVideo will only be charged monthly for the storage and bandwidth your videos utilize.

How do I cancel my account?

We hate to see anyone go, but cancellation is easy to activate from your ZoiStudio administrative profile page.  There are no extra fees or hidden charges to cancel. ZoiVideo simply calculates the storage you have used since your last billing statement, prorates and cancels your account.  We will remove all of your information and data (videos) from our servers.

I still have some doubts and questions?

Our users define us, and we are happy to answer any of your doubts, questions, or concerns. Please email us at