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Zoi is a professional and high-quality video streaming platform for all.

30Tbps+ Global Network

Supercharge your videos with one of the fastest networks in the world.
Your videos will stream like lightning with 54 PoPs and our SmartEdge routing engine.


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The Story Behind the Screen.

In 2020, we decided to create a streaming platform for people who wanted to empower their business, reach a global audience, maintain ownership of their content, and directly monetize their videos; without worrying about learning an overly complex platform.

We called it Zoi.

As we embarked on this adventure, we realized no other service industry platform offered all of the best features at an affordable price point. Zoi’s suite of services includes 4K video content delivery, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and free encoding/transcoding of videos. We designed an innovative system allowing individuals and businesses to generate direct revenue. Users can utilize our Video on Demand rental and subscription options; simply share a unique URL across the internet or embed the Zoi video player into an existing website.

We are proud of our work. We developed a high-powered, easy to use, streaming service utilizing a unique wholesale pricing model.

Video For Every Venture.

Zoi supports all individuals, organizations, and industries. Be inspired! Migrate your existing videos and new ideas to Zoi. Start generating income from your loyal followers and clients today.

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