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About ZoiVideo

The Story Behind the Screen.

In 2020 our founder Taylor Peyton Doop of Avila Dance in Los Angeles decided to create a streaming platform for her Dance studio. After considering the many streaming options out there there were tons of hidden fees and confusing requirements.

Taylor had some cool friends with computer dev skills so…

That effort blossomed into a premium streaming service. For anyone who wanted to empower their business, reach a global audience, maintain ownership of their content, avoid censorship—ALL THE STUFF She couldn’t find in the current VOD offerings. It was also created to cut the middle-man fees, and directly monetize videos on a straightforward and simple-to-use platform.

She called it ZoiVideo.

A Unique Video Streaming Model

ZoiVideo users can offer Video on Demand, Rental, and Subscription options; or simply share a unique URL across the internet or embed the ZoiVideo player into an existing website.

We are proud of our work. We developed a high-powered, easy to use, streaming service utilizing a unique wholesale pricing model.

Our Approach

Use the latest a greatest available technology to effortlessly stream content around the world!

Our Mission

Make Video streaming easy and as inexpensive as possible for the broadest audience of Video Content Creators out there.

Our Vision

Garner a large share of the VOD market, and spread the wealth to the townfolk by means of eliminating commissions on all sales!

Taylor Peyton Doop

Taylor Peyton Doop


Taylor is our fearless leader, dance instructor-turned-tech-startup-magnate, she loves finding just the right twists and turns to get the ship headed in the proper direction!

Marco Salazar

Marco Salazar


Marco travels the world on great adventures from crafting some of the finest spirits known to man to building successful venture capitalist networks around.

Sagar Thakar

Sagar Thakar


Sagar leads our dev teams on wild goose chases across the uncharted Video Streaming Technology globe in search of the quintessential holy grail of functionalities to make ZoiVideo what it is now.