What is Video on Demand Platform Algorithm, and Why do we need it?

Many people are already aware of the world of online entertainment and video on demand platform, watching a video online, creating virtual avatars, and streaming videos are all everyday activities for most. However, what people don’t realize is the intricate world behind popular entertainment sites, and artificial intelligence, and how that can influence the media they consume.

An optimization that I wasn’t aware of for the longest time is what is commonly referred to as an “algorithm”. This catch-all phrase has grown to mean the general tactics companies will use to pick which videos to share online and promote depending upon the consumer. Things like if a video got a decent amount of likes per view, or contained puppies (because everyone loves puppies). This would be seen by the algorithm which would then advertise it more and make it show up on way more “for you” and “home” pages. The unfortunate thing is that algorithms oftentimes box a viewer in and make it so they are only fed one type of media.

This leads to monotonous online video streamings which only serves to make the hours of entertainment rather dull. Really, it is impressive how many times the words “All I see is prank videos” or “Now my feed is full of miniature ducks eating ice” have crossed my ears (or something frighteningly similar to that). I would suggest, that the ideal way to combat this is to totally get rid of any algorithms used to present content and let instead the consumer actively search for ideas that pique their interest. In that way, a person would enter a streaming site and the only restrictions on the diversions they view are their own curiosity.

Video on Demand Platform Algorithm

Moreover, some algorithms have been called out for being toxic and perpetuating ideas that literally tear people down. These sites will make algorithms that cater to specific viewpoints, aesthetics, and content that they think will be successful, or, want to be successful. Causing a way of thinking to become solidified in the minds of hundreds, and sometimes millions, of people. Frightening isn’t it?

Sooo, to protect from potential propaganda, and increase the quality of entertainment one absorbs, I would like to present Zoivideo.com. A hot-off-the-press, brand-spanking-new over the top Tv (OTT) video streaming service that has the benefit of being algorithm-free as well as oodles of other benefits. Seriously, they’re impressively well-designed to cater to those of us who want to make either a little extra cash or a full-blown career out of online entertainment.

ZoiVideo is actually tailor-made for users with video content they want to monetize since ZoiVideo takes no commission on the sales. And perhaps one of the best ways to blend the worlds of algorithms and non-algorithms is to put your teaser video / promotional content on Youtube or Vimeo etc for the world to see and share, and so that you can take advantage of the horsepower available in those search engines, but then to funnel your viewers to your OTT channel with ZoiVideo so that you can save the 10% to 24% lost to commission fees charged at other streaming services.

In summary, artificial intelligence-driven algorithms are here to stay but ZoiVideo can help you take advantage of that technology and build a real online video streaming platform for your premium viewers. Why not check it out today, they are offering 30 days FREE, with no credit card required.

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