Why Won’t Youtube Stay Out of My Business?

You know, sometimes I just want to be left alone. This is something I have felt frequently, but it has never been so prominent as now, mostly because I just acquired a new puppy.

She’s a 7-week-old golden retriever with the most darling face one could possibly imagine.

Though, back to the topic at hand.

Me being left alone. I enjoy that.

What I especially don’t enjoy is constant unnecessary monitoring, especially when the entity badgering me with their surveillance in fact isn’t human at all. That’s right, I’m talking about Youtube’s insatiable desire to track my every move. I mean, it’s like they’re obsessed or something. Every video I watch, the thing I search for, or the school assignment I post on their website is tracked and analyzed by them.

I understand that this is in large part due to their algorithm, which is a whole tangled mess in itself, that takes the information it so audaciously stole from me and uses it to suggest content it thinks I would enjoy. I also understand that if one is logged out of Youtube, or in “incognito mode” their habits won’t be traced. Although, what peeves me is the fact that I was unaware of this habit-examining until rather recently. Why isn’t that common knowledge? Is it? Am I intellectually challenged??

Oh yeah, I guess I DID “agree” to the thousand-page terms and conditions when I downloaded the app or created an account, blah, blah, blah…nobody ever reads those right?

What’s worse, the algorithm that the whole data collecting is centered around is not even good! I would rather not be limited to what a computer believes I value as entertainment. Also cannot tell you how often I have been shoe-horned into an incredible niche category simply based on my patterns. I mean just because I constantly search up crocheting tutorials doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good Minecraft speedrun. I don’t actually enjoy it, that was a joke. However, my point still stands!

I can choose my own entertainment thankyouverymuch

Honestly though, if I want to watch three videos, each 2 hours long, on an in-depth breakdown of all 160 pretty little liars episodes, complete with a progressive visual storyboard, then that’s for me to know and Youtube to stay out of. Hmph!

If only there was an uber-fantastic alternative to Youtube that doesn’t monitor your search or watch history, allows you to own your uploaded content, and for goodness’s sake doesn’t tell you what to watch!

Oh wait–there is. 😉

(How was my segway? Pretty great right?)

Ladies and Gents introduce Zoivideo.com, an incredible Over the Top Tv (OTT) platform that just may fulfill all of your long-form visual media needs! Apparently, with ZoiVideo you essentially rent storage space on a cloud-based server that ALSO happens to be a killer video streaming system!

And the best part is that once you add your own payment processing account like PayPal or Stripe (currently compatible with ZoiVideo), you can then charge subscriptions for your video channel, rent movies a-la-pay-per-view, and even accept donations like a glorified video version of GOFUNDME!

No Commissions on Your Earnings In my Business

And the cataclysmic punchline to all of those bells and whistles is ZoiVideo takes no bit, or cut, or honey, or slice, or commission on YOUR sales! Whatever your payment processor normally takes that’s all you pay for gaining potentially MASSIVE income! It’s like a Patreon account but better!

Say you’re some sort of A-lister personality, you have TONS of videos on TikTok or Youtube Premium, or Vimeo Pro, or even Only Fans, and you want to save some serious dough, say as much as 24% when you’re talking Only Fans, with a ZoiVideo account and a brief message telling your users to go try a new home for your latest and greatest, exclusive content…well, let’s just say you could rolling in an extra 24%!!!

Now ZoiVideo doesn’t come close to the audience those other platforms boast, but a wise person may consider leaving teaser videos on those platforms, funneling premium content users to their new Zoi Channel, and making a literal free killing!

Oh, and did I mention right now you can sign up and use the system for a month without having to add a credit card! You WILL have to add your PayPal or Stripe account to get any cashola flowing though…And after the 30th day you will be directed on how to make your account a paid one.

Check it out here for more info, and if you’re ready now here is a link to signup!

*Youtube Premium, Vimeo Pro, TikTok, GoFundMe, Patreon, and OnlyFans are used for comparison purposes and belong to their respective corporations.