What does video monetization mean?

I’m sure, being the experienced internet rover you are, you have come across the term “monetization” before. Though, what does that mean exactly? Knowing the exact definition, or at least reviewing it often, greatly enhances one’s scope of comprehensible input. You simply understand more and better than if you only have a vague idea of what a word means. 

So, in the efforts of becoming well-rounded and more nuanced people, let us look at the definition of monetization. Actually, I saved you a step and looked it up on Google already. 😉 

Without further adieu, Oxford Languages Dictionary defines Monetization as follows:

Monetization: (Noun)

1. the action or process of earning revenue from an asset, business, etc.
“the network supports the distribution and monetization of online content to any type of site or device”

2. the conversion of an asset, debt, etc. into cash or a form easily converted into cash.
“The trust is actively reviewing the monetization of a portion of its assets to reduce indebtedness”

Did you get any of that? Me either…  

I mean why can’t they say, “Monetization is getting money from something.”? Simple, succinct, and doesn’t include more words that need to be looked up. Gosh, whatever. Make me feel stupid why don’t you.  

Though, I will admit, that my revised definition does have some flaws. Most importantly, it’s too broad. Especially if you are trying to understand something like video monetization, which can get incredibly convoluted. So, if I were to give a basic definition of video monetization, specifically, it may go something like this, “Video monetization is when you get paid for putting your video up on Youtube. Or the superior option of Zoi.tv”  

I’m not biased, you are.  

It’s true though! Video monetization is when you get money from posting whatever the heck you want on whatever over the top (OTT) media platform you choose. Whether that be Youtube, Zoi.tv, Vimeo, or even Netflix. 

Say I am a fresh youngin’ who just went to LA for a volleyball tournament and I wanted to get a bit of extra cash to support my growing love for precious moments figurines—or a college fund! Well, I could easily use the copious amounts of video footage my shameless father has of the previously mentioned tournament, post that on Zoi.tv, and set up a DONATION link that gracious viewers, family, friends can use to send me money. The best part, Zoi.tv doesn’t take any of it! The only money I lose is the percentage taken by Paypall or Stripe, who clearly have a thing against precious moments figurines.  

Now, of course, there is a catch. On Zoi.tv you will need to pay for the amount of space that your video takes up. As of Spring 2022 it was .30¢ per gigabyte of storage per month. 

BUT, and you didn’t hear this from me, there is a 30-day (No Credit Card Required) free trial that you can totally capitalize upon by simply having your video up for those 30 days, raking in the dough all the while, and after your free trial take it down. No charge! Unless you happen to go over their 100GB complimentary, free bandwidth restriction, at which point they will pause your account, and advise you to join. It is honestly a lot like the Netflix free trial, but you get valuable currency instead of sub-par entertainment. 

What does Monetization mean? It COULD mean a ton of cash flowing your way with ZoiVideo.com and Zoi.tv. You can totally give it a try by visiting the sign up page here: https://subscribe.zoi.tv/