Does my video content have retail value?

At this point, we might as well face the facts, everyone, and I mean everyone, has a smartphone (or smart device) and knows how to use it. We only need to be exposed to a minor amount of social media to see the vast array of humans who are avid users of the technology. Everyone from your seven-year-old niece to the neighborhood grandpa is taking advantage of the cornucopia that is modern software. And, because of all the bells and whistles that the latest iPhone I don’t even care what number anymore provides, they’re doing a darn good job of it too.


Of course, the most frequented feature of these pocket supercomputers is the videography. We’ve all heard (or maybe we haven’t) the phrase “Pics or it didn’t happen” right? Well even if not, we’ve all adopted, begun to live, and taken that saying to new heights. Constantly documenting daily events and mundane incidents like there’s no tomorrow. Contrary to the tone of this blog, this could actually be an incredibly beneficial–and lucrative–phenomenon.

People love to be entertained, we can see that from the proverbial powerhouse that is Disney. Or even Netflix, Peacock, Youtube, Hulu, etc. These are multi-million dollar corporations that have gained their loot by simply distracting us for a couple of minutes or, in some cases, months at a time. So why don’t we, the average Jo (or Josephine), use the natural desire for entertainment and our immediate resources to capitalize on this!

See what I’m getting at here?

Why not use our natural desire of capturing, recalling, and sharing our stories to do more than just take up space on your phone? Why not use it to gain an income?

Of course, though, there are many reasons why not. The biggest of which is that the platforms on which one chooses to monetize these videos often take a sizable cut of your money, as much as 20%! That is where a revolutionary video streaming solution comes in (Pronounced Zoh-EE). provides the best platform to financially gain from your videos by allowing you to retain full agency over what you record, and never takes any of the money you gain from it.

You also are responsible for policing yourself, so no porn, or copyrighted material—but it’s up to you! If you add a copyrighted item or song, etc then you can’t profit on it or if you do you are open to possibly being sued—so you need to use the system responsibly. This is completely different from most TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand) or Over the Top TV (OTT) platforms, like Vimeo, Uscreen, Dacast, or OnlyFans, which generally not only take ownership of your stuff but also take around 10% to as much as 24% of your hard-earned cash!

Receive the full amount

Amazingly is a global video streaming solution that is upsetting the current VOD (Video on Demand) apple cart! ZoiVideo makes their money only by charging you a competitive rate for the storage of the video file that you upload. You pay a storage fee, per gigabit of data, you store on their servers per month. But the upside is you can set rental prices, subscription plans, and accept donations via and receive the full amount that people have paid, less any normal credit card fees charged by the two payment processors they currently allow (PayPal and Stripe). It would be awesome, say I was a musician or had a band and I was playing a concert of some kind, I could videotape it, produce it and stream it on ZoiVideo and then charge people to watch it!

Latest video streaming technology

ZoiVideo is a powerhouse of functionality that uses the latest video streaming technology—Apple’s® CDM8 encoding, paired with VPS (Virtual Private Servers) cloud-based servers, and accelerated CDN (Content Delivery Network) horsepower means your videos are streaming as fast as currently possible! And as far as your real-world costs go I can give you an example from my own account. Right now I have 38 videos on Zoi adding up to a grand total of 49.67 gigabits of data and they are charging me $15.86 per month USD. I am not selling any video at the moment, but it’s amazing to know I could!

Paying directly for your videos

I imagine the possibility of what I could do if I was a specialist in some field, say cooking, or art instruction, or maybe even specialty knitting or music instructing! Or what if I was trying to fund my college and created a set of exclusive insider videos open to the subscription to my family and friends who could then pay a subscription or even have the option of donating to my college fund!? The great part is they would be paying directly to my cause without getting hit with any service fees or commissions!

Make home videos and something of yourself

One downside of the Zoi system is when compared with Youtube or even Vimeo they don’t compare with the sheer magnitude of exposure available on those platforms. But what if I took my promo or teaser/trailer video, or a video I produce announcing my service, creative entertainment, or training content, and used the huge reach of Youtube to generate interest and then I funneled those folks to my PAID streaming service on ZoiVideo? Hmmm, that just might work!

So when you’re ready to take those home videos and make something of yourself, check out and give it a try. Right now they are offering the first month free to try without any credit card — give it a shot it just might be the best thing you ever did for your Video library.

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