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Are you paying up to 25% of your rental and subscription fees to your Video streaming service provider? Zoi never takes a single cent of your sales! Zoi is a Premium Cloud-Based Streaming VOD Platform to Manage, Share, Rent, and Accept Donations.
Pay only for storage and bandwidth.

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Subscribe to Zoi for access to our state-of-the-art video streaming platform. This secure and reliable platform allows you to upload, manage, publish, share and embed your videos while maintaining 100% artistic rights.

Generate revenue from your videos utilizing Zoi’s 0% commission pricing with Video on Demand (VOD) rentals and subscription packages you create. With Zoi, there is no need to have 10,000 subscribers to start earning income from your content. Zoi never takes a single cent of your sales.

Zoi is quickly becoming the world’s leading video platform to create a stable income stream from your loyal audience and clients without the need for disruptive ads or high commission fees.

World's Most Innovative Video Management and Streaming Platform

Always See Your Current Charges in Your Admin Dashboard

Pay Only for Storage, Bandwidth & Live Streaming, Videos are stored securely and privately in our cloud environment. And Our Global CDN Efficiently Streams Your Videos around the World.

An affordable and easy-to-manage platform allows you to focus on growing your business.

Reach a Global Audience

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