Created for Video Creators

Imagine a Video Streaming Platform that allows you to keep whatever you charge for your videos, subscriptions, rentals, even donations. You keep it all!

Zoi only charges fees for storage. Upload a video or schedule a live stream for thousands to view, set your pricing, and get paid, all without paying heavy commissions.

There are no tiers, plans, or bandwidth restrictions with Zoi, just a flat, simple, pricing model.

How it Works

A Solid Streaming Solution

Simplified Workflow. Complete Control.
Zoi reduces the complexity of video delivery without sacrificing security or advanced features. It handles end-to-end video streaming processes while giving you complete control and flexibility over your content.


Upload your files through the Zoi Backend interface.


We transcode them into multiple resolutions.


Videos are stored and replicated around the world.


Your Videos are supercharged by our global load balancer.


Inside your ZoiVideo Studio dashboard see real-time data on your usage, receipts, and storage amounts.


Our servers keep your data secure, which you own 100% by the way, and if you cancel the data is completely eliminated, even we don’t have access to it.


Using Apple’s® CDM8 encoding technology and a kick ass global CDN enjoy stunning 4k even 8k!


ZoiVideo is committed to keeping our system running in high gear utilizing the latest and greatest the ever-changing tech world has to offer!


Start Your Own Branded Channel

Are you a Video Content Creator with a large library of premium content? Let ZoiVideo take that beautiful data and build you your very own branded streaming channel. Promote your channel via Youtube and then direct your premium subscribers to your ZoiVideo channel!


Ditch the fees on commissions


Stream premium content to your subscriber base on your own branded channel


¢.30 USD per Gigabyte of File Storage

Simple & Direct!

We keep our pricing model ridiculously simple, you pay for file storage and we’ll cover the bandwidth, CDN, hosting, technology updates, and all the rest!

A real-world pricing example is VisualStudio.tv who streams 48 videos totalling 38 gigabytes of data and pays only $11 per month!*

If VisualStudio.tv rents or receives any donations on this content they receive every dime, less whatever the payment processor charges. (ie: PayPal, usually around 2.9%)

* (as of 12/02/2022)


Easily track costs and receipts from Inside Your Dashboard


Setup auto-payments using your credit card

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Check out the public Channel at Zoi.tv

See some of our latest content creators’ offerings, login to see more, and better yet start your free trial and give the platform a spin, you’ve literally got nothing to lose, if you decide to cancel we delete everything that you uploaded no questions asked.